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COVID-19: We Are OPEN For Business

Now that we have been moved into a lockdown, we are still considered essential and will remain open for all services. As of Monday Dec 28th at 8am we will be moving to curbside service. This means that we will not be allowing anyone into the building.

For appointments, please call from your vehicle to let us know you have arrived. The doctor or technician will get a history from you about any concerns you have with your pet. One of our staff members will meet you at our front door and bring your pet inside and have you wait in your vehicle. The Dr will do the exam on your pet, and then call you back to go over exam findings and next steps. Please have you phone near by so you are available when we call. We will then have our receptionist take payment over the phone. When we are finished we will ask you to meet us at our front door to get your pet, receipt, and any medication needed.

For food and medication: please call in advance to order any prescriptions so we have some time to get them ready. When you have arrived at the clinic please call to let us know you have arrived and we can process payment over the phone and place your food/medication outside for you.

Please be patient as our phone lines will be a bit busier than normal. Thank you for continued patience!

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