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At the Vet


The First Line of Defense

At Fairview Drive Pet Hospital, we are fully committed to your pet’s health and happiness. That’s why we recommend bringing them in for regular Pet Wellness Exams. By doing so, we’ll be able to treat issues before they arise.

For many people, the annual trip to the vet clinic was for "annual shots." As vaccines and the knowledge of their duration of effectiveness has increased, it is still very important for your pet to receive a full physical examination once a year. Remember that cats and dogs age much faster than humans, so once a year for them is like once every seven for us! Imagine only seeing your doctor once a decade? These full physical examinations are essential for early detection of disease and for making preventive recommendations for diseases such as obesity, dental disease, arthritis, chronic ear infections, bladder stones and so much more! In addition to a thorough physical exam from nose to tail, screening tests can be performed for early detection of disease. Early detection can save you and your pet a lot of stress down the road.

Pet Wellness Exams: Services
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