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Cleanings and Extractions

We offer a range of dental services including cleaning, extractions, treatments for gum disease, and of course doggy breath!

The anaesthetic protocol for our dental patients includes IV fluids and an injection of antibiotics to help combat the bacteria in the mouth, which may be released into the bloodstream during cleaning. Cleaning includes scaling both above and below the gum line, polishing, and fluoride treatment. We chart your pet's teeth so we can note any problems and monitor those areas for the future. 

Should any tooth extractions be required, they are done in house by our team. We use a local nerve block to freeze the area with a local anaesthetic to reduce pain on recovery. We also take dental radiographs (x-rays) before and after the extraction. This allows us to assess damaged teeth prior to removal and to be sure that no infected root tips remain under the gum's surface.

Dental Care: Service
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