Happy Easter

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Happy Easter!
With all the excitement around chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies, don't forget that chocolate is not a good thing for our pets. But if your dog is like mine, the ability to choose good or bad is a weakness for them, its up to us to protect them.Keep Easter egg hunts obvious and count the eggs you may scatter around the house, making sure they are all accounted for afterwards. 

And the Easter feast? Is it a ham? Or a turkey?  Do not give in to the desire to share with your four footed family. Sudden changes in food or fatty foods can cause significant and life threatening problems like pancreatitis. Also make sure that the kitchen garbage is well protected. Ropes from hams, giblets from poultry and table scraps can be very appealing to our pets. 

I hope you are all too busy with Easter celebrations to want to spend hours with a veterinary emergency.

Happy Easter